There is a “work session.” | Sometime today after 10:34 am, this was posted at the Borough Website:

feb meetings notice

Also posted is the complete February calendar and the Meeting Packet for tomorrow night’s Council Work Session.

This is from the Meeting Packet:

“Columbia Borough Council will hold Work Sessions on the first Tuesday of each month. Work Sessions allow for Borough Council to gather information and engage in conversation and debate about topics important to the community. While there are no formal opportunities for citizen comment at Work Sessions, Borough Council encourages, and will allow for, attendees to participate in the relevant conversation and debate on agenda items, when called upon by the Borough Council President.” 

Anyone happen to see this comic strip in yesterday’s newspapers?

pearls before

cbsd audit report

School District Legal Ad – SOURCE: LNP – Always Lancaster (February 4, 2019)

Meetings this week |

Connecting the trails | This LEGAL NOTICE is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Connecting the Northwest River Trail and the Enola Low Grade.

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