More Tuesday news items [trucking shutdown; what tax cut?; metal fencing fixes shutdown; & more] – 2/12/2019

You can always check the weather | Here

More expensive steel fencing | Elected public servants love steel fencing as the ones in Wonderland show by approving $1.375 billion more to avert another government shutdown. – Politico


Trucker down | New England Motor Freight to shut down after filing for bankruptcy protection. – Freightwaves

Truckers wanted | “Facing A Critical Shortage Of Drivers, The Trucking Industry Is Changing”NPR

A tax cut reduces our taxes; right? | It ain’t necessarily so say many. – The Week

Lincoln’s Birthday | Today used to be the day that everyone celebrated President Abraham Lincoln’s birthdayuntil guv’mint workers needed to have three day weekends. Now it’s President’s Day and guv’mint workers have Monday off ostensibly to celebrate the birthdays of two presidents.

Kinda’, sorta’ like | “McDonald’s loses Big Mac trademark. Burger King adds ‘Like a Big Mac, but actually big.'”The Washington Post

that’s “grass roots” | The Lieutenant Governor plans to have a “67-county listening tour” on the topic of legal marijuana – this was the first. WITF


real science? | Would you hands with this guy: “‘Germs are not a real thing’: Fox News host says he hasn’t washed hands in 10 years”The Guardian

We believe the FD | “Fact check: Trump says 10,000 at El Paso County Coliseum rally; Fire Department says not true”El Paso Times

Overpriced views? | Is your home worth what you think it is? | “What to know before you check your Zestimate (again)”MarketPlace

What about when the water’s gone | “Fast growth in the desert southwest continues: About 14.6 Million People Live in 40 Counties in Five States”US Census Bureau

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