More Wednesday news items [Crime reports; “uglification”; Surprise vote for Columbia Life Network; Lititz is on fire & more] – 2/13/2019

Obituary Notice | Betty Kloidt, Columbia Lancaster Online

Armed robbery | at Chestnut Street Turkey Hill Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch

police logIn today’s POLICE LOG – LNP – Always Lancaster

What’s needed | Another hospital and more traffic – Lancaster Online

“Uglification” keeps coming | “Rutter’s appeals denial by Salisbury Township zoning board to build new store in Gap”Lancaster Online

MAGA | We’re the biggest WITF

While healthcare grows | Colleges contract 

When people stop trusting | “‘They are angry’: Harrisburg Diocese Catholics bring questions to session about clergy sex abuse” Penn Live

Rent’s cheaper | Isaac’s HQ will leave Lancaster for Camp Hill – That’s from an article is n today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.


Surprise vote | In a surprise vote at last night’s council meeting, the council voted to approve a one-time disbursement of $66,000 to Columbia Life Network (CLN). Columbia Life Network is a thinly staffed community assistance organization with a purpose of helping Columbians who “need food, clothing, shelter, a medical home, or other assistance” when circumstances afflict and safety nets are not there. Council voted 5-2 to provide funding for this crisis scenario. Jamie Widener, the organization’s executive director said that without borough funding, it would not be able to sustain its activities beyond a few months.

Columbia Life Network is an organization that has regularly filed requisite IRS forms; its 2017 FORM 990-EZ is included in this Council Work Packet for the February 5 meeting. Also in the work packet are borough financial reports.

OPINION | We wonder how many other nonprofits that have requested or received stipends from the borough have been open with their Form 990s? We wonder why a preponderance of  Columbia Life Network board of directors were not present at last night’s meeting or at previous meetings? We wonder why the only board member who’s spoken publicly in support of CLN is Leo Lutz? Laura Coburn, listed on the 2017 Form 990, no longer serves as president; we wonder why the vice president, Jeffrey M. Helm has not provided testament?

fire and ice

This weekend | Fire & IceChili Cook Off

active shooter

Active shooter training | In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, there’s notice of the Active Shooter training in Adamstown — the same training will be offered in Columbia next week. Details at the Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch page.

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  1. Wow …why are we throwing good money after bad? Why give money to a nonprofit organization that cannot self sustain? They will continually come back looking for additional handouts. Or they will fail, taking taxpayers hard-earned money with them. This is not what my taxes should be paying for.

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