Friday morning’s news items [last day for Mussers?; Susquehanna National Heritage Act; Wild Bill; dark money video & more] – 2/15/2019

new plan considered | “Medicare ambulance rides may no longer end up at ER”Associated Press

ID those drones | “External Marking Requirement for Small Unmanned Aircraft”Federal Register

Moving closer | The Susquehanna National Heritage Area Act, sponsored by U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker (R-Pa.) passed the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, moving the legislation one step closer to becoming law.” Some recall the Representative introduced this last year, too.

Citizens always pay | “Economists have long criticized tax breaks to corporations; politicians and the public may be starting to share their skepticism.” – The New York Times

Musser’s  Columbia | “… owners considering change to discount store” Lancaster Online

dh funk food box

Traffic citations | all out-of-townersColumbia Police Department CrimeWatch

Really glad | We didn’t get an invitation to this weddingThe New York Times

“Off the rails” | And who’s going to pay for this wall?The Washington Post

Oh? | Ted Cruz knowsThe Washington Post

wild bill.jpg

Wild Bill review | Read a review on this new book about James Butler Hickok. Interesting characters are always fun to read about.The New York Times

Quick | Know how he died?

“Let’s play a game” | “Why Ocasio-Cortez’s lesson in dark money is the most-watched political video” – The Guardian

Cause for concern? | “US Wealth Gap Might’ve Reached Pre-Great Depression Levels. New research suggests the wealth gap in the U.S. has reached a level it hasn’t seen since before the Great Depression. Preliminary findings from the National Bureau of Economic Research show the top 1 percent of America’s richest families hold about 40 percent of total household wealth. According to available data, that hasn’t happened since the 1920s. Wealth in this case is defined as net worth, but it doesn’t include assets like cars and furniture. But, as the researcher points out, it can be hard to determine just how much money the wealthy have due to hidden assets held in offshore bank accounts.Watch Video” – Newsy

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