OPINION: Pragmatism and Pollyanna-ism

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“objective” journalism | According to this Wired.com article is “a relatively short-lived artifact of 20th-century America.”

Media — in all its forms, whether traditional, digital or social — represents viewpoints or impressions of the truths of the owner of the source … whether in the earliest days of this nation or today. The proliferation of ideas expressed in print, online, over the airwaves or in face-to-face exchanges consists of those of accord or discord.

The news people derive from media sources they consume may be drawn from information from researched and documented facts or not. A few days ago, we wrote on another subject: The truth is what you believe.”  And we continue to maintain that.

“less than objective” journalism | This Pen and the Pad article looks at differences between objective and subjective parts of journalism. It identifies, “Subjective journalism, which has been re-branded as advocacy journalism, reports news from an intentionally biased viewpoint to promote a position.”

“For with Pollyanna, one never knows for sure what’s going on beneath the surface of her sunny exterior. Is she for real? Or is this a con job? Is she conning herself? Or is she cleverly using a pleasant personality to manipulate others to get what she wants? You see, this is the problem with Pollyanna. Others cannot be sure if what they see is what they get.”


“Appreciate probabilistic feedback more than Pollyannish cheerleading.” – from this article: “Dismiss Pollyanna: Beware of people who cheer you on with Pollyannish optimism.”

worbegon“The Lake Wobegon effect highlights the advantages and potential disadvantages of focusing solely on the positive—it’s great to be optimistic and forward-thinking, but it actually is possible to have too much positivity and too much self-esteem!” – SOURCE: Pollyanna Principle: The Psychology of Positivity Bias

“Eventually, however, even Pollyanna’s robust optimism is put to the test when she is hit by a car and her legs become paralyzed. Her response, for once, seems realistic. She is grief-stricken and recognizes that it is easier to tell others to feel good about their plight than to tell oneself the same thing. She admits that the game is not fun if it is really hard to play.”

Columbia news, views & reviews has identified its position about news reporting here:

“A locally operated alternative news and information source, Columbia news, views & reviews will try to remember that nothing contributes to the well-being of a community more than a balanced, objective and consistent local news and information source.

“Columbia news, views & reviews will try to be a community bulletin board containing accurate, fair news reporting, thoughtful insights and useful information that every reader in the community will find valuable.”

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