Columbia School District’s School Climate Survey


Confused yet? | Confused why the …

Confused by these instructions?

About | The Pennsylvania School Climate Survey “The Office for Safe Schools of the Pennsylvania Department of Education announces the release of school climate surveys to all school entities in the Commonwealth. The surveys are intended to provide schools with formative and summative climate data for use with needs assessments, program development and short and long term planning. The domains measured by the surveys include: Social Emotional Learning, Student Support, High Expectations and Academic Rigor/Challenge, and Safe and Respectful School Climate.

“Surveys are available for grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, staff and faculty, parents and community members.

“The surveys and their results are located on this website and are completely confidential. Survey data will be the sole property of the school district. No results will be reviewed by the PA Department of Education for any reason. The surveys are completely free to all participating school entities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. School entities can choose to administer any and all of the available surveys. Use of the surveys is at the discretion of each school entity. Surveys are available for administration year round to assist school entities with ease of use and planning of administration.”

susq coc reminderThe Chamber of Commerce, too, sent this message as an email.

Why’s this so easy for others?| When a school in neighboring district, Hempfield, announced its survey in 2018, Centerville Middle School did a one-click survey link. So, too, did the Bethlehem Central School District.



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