Meet a 12 year old truth seeker!

osnHilde Kate Lysiak, the preteen journalist, from Selinsgrove is America’s heroine. She’s ours for sure. Click here to go to the Orange Street News.

This young journalist — a truth seeker and chronicler supreme — shows what news sources can and should be doing.

Read this Washington Post article about this truth seeker: “An Arizona cop threatened to arrest a 12-year-old journalist. She wasn’t backing down.”

But her reporting did not impress some of the good people of Selinsgrove, and they let Hilde have it on Facebook Saturday night.” – 2016 Washington Post article.

Her response: “If you want me to stop covering news, then you get off your computers and do something about the news. There, is that cute enough for you?”

And she posts truth like this at her facebook page:

“NOTE TO READERS: A lot of people are guessing whether I am pro-wall or against the wall by this post. I don’t believe it is professional for a journalist to share political opinions. I think reporting should be about facts. Thank you for reading.”

And | she’s got a Youtube channel.

She’s asked the President for an interview.

Look what she says about an elected public servant who tried to ban comments at his social media page.

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