Wednesday’s news, part 2 [baby bear; Sunshine Act Webinar; documentation; K-9 departments & more] – 3/13/2019

Mom’s trying to sleep | Baby bear’s crying – live in the Bear Den

Happy to not have it | Netflix’s Subscribers “Watch an Average of Two Hours a Day”Variety

How’s this for a | transparent Website?“Welcome to Radnor Township’s Open Finance. This program is part of our continuing commitment to deliver fiscal transparency to our Stakeholders by providing this guided view of Radnor’s financial information. This site provides a comprehensive look at the types of revenue collected and how those funds are invested in providing Radnor Stakeholders with the very best in public service. The tables, charts, and graphs included are all highly interactive and we invite you to explore. The site is updated weekly and presents the financial information on an unaudited, cash basis. Please also visit the Township’s audited annual financial statements included in our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.”

Another Webinar | You may still be able to register for this Webinar that was posted here on Sunday. “Sunshine Act Training – This FREE Webinar will be held on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. REGISTER HERE.

“A sore point for schoolsAcross America, school nurses are in very short supply.”MarketPlace


Easy to say things | But “If it isn’t documented — it didn’t happen!” Citizens often hear people saying things and they swear what the person told them is true. People who attended last night’s council meeting heard some of that. Documentation, though, (a recording, a written record, a photo or video) really has to exist to verify the action. For instance, we’ve read lots of stuff about why the Catholic War Veterans club was cited by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Here’s the reason according to the PLCB.

northwest logo

Name changes | Northwest completes $86M deal for Union Community” Lancaster Online

Small town “mob” tactics” | “Restaurant owner opposing Oregon Village road plan gets email threat before testifying”Lancaster Online

Broken | our election systemRoute Fifty

k9_benefit_breakfast_0Lititz supports its K-9 department with breakfast fund-raiser

In Manheim Township | It’s K-9 program p[roves its mettle.

“No” to corporate welfare | LNP – Always Lancaster‘s editorial shouts out: Close TMI. 


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