More Sunday news items, part 2 [movie night at the library; comprehensive plans; teacher chronic absences & more] – 3/15/2019

“More Sunlight, Less OxygenHow to Talk About the New Zealand Massacre.” The New Yorker

Good news ∗ Bad news • Huh? news | The nearly-all-of-page-one news item in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster is about “chronic teacher absence” which results in lots of issues, not many positive. Columbia can take heart in that its “chronic teacher absence” rate is reduced from 2011; chronic teacher absence is defined as “being absent more than 10 times in a school year.” While that reduction is admirable, a 30% of total staff that is chronically absent represents a greatly larger share than the private sector workplace. These reports show that workers in the private sector have levels that do not approach 30% who have 10 absences a year for a lot more than 180 days of work. CDC report — Statista report.


“What’s Fresh!” | The Produce Geek has this advice:

“Ataulfo Mangos, Pixie Tangerines and Grapefruit are some of the items that you can try during late March, April and even into early May. Get while the gettin’s good!

Almost perfect | Lancaster Catholic girls streak disappears in OT lossLancaster Online

OMG — it’s a big day | The spring equinox (the first official day of spring, 2019) is a really special time. It happens on Wednesday, March 20, at 5:58 P.M. EDT. But The Farmers Almanac reports it’s also the Full Worm Moon will it will also be a supermoon.

Comprehensive plan | During a recent council meeting the topic of the comprehensive plan was introduced. According to Zoning & Planning Officer, Jeff Helm, Columbia’s about to embark on a path to update its comprehensive plan; the last Comprehensive Plan 2014 is posted at the Borough Website. According to the Zoning & Planning Officer, there’ll be as series of meetings scheduled during which average citizens will be asked to attend and provide their visions for Columbia in the future. According to this Penn State University study, 4.-Comprehensive-Plans

“The comprehensive plan is one of the most important tools municipalities and counties can use for land use planning and local governance. The plan serves as an official public document that guides public and private decisions about physical development in the community. It is an explicit statement of future goals for the community, and serves as a formal vision for the planning commission and other public agencies, elected officials, private organizations and individuals. The comprehensive  plan also is a measuring tool for evaluating specific development proposals and their impact on the general public welfare.”

lancaster county planAs Lancaster County was developing the County’s Comprehensive Plan —  Places 2040 — the process included lots of effort to involve citizens.20 - movie night

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