The “no guts; gimme’ glory” PA legislators strike again

baum opinionMATT ROURKE / AP FILE

John Baer, wirtes for the Philadelphia Inquirer — in our estimation is one of the finest columnists anywhere. This column is about the FREE PASS Pennsylvania’s legislators have awarded the Catholic Church as it continues to shield sexual predators from true justice while on earth.

This column, “Pa. lawmakers to child-sex-abuse survivors: Take a number, have a seat” begins:

The Pennsylvania legislature, once again, is poised to turn its back on who knows how many survivors of child sex abuse.

Promises of action? Pledges to victims? Repeated assurances that those who were violated (and long-voiceless) might find some measure of justice?

“You tell me.

“The state is among the nation’s worst in terms of legal recourse for victims. Ironic, given state findings of abuse that last year lit up the issue.”

Click here to read his column at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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