Wednesday’s news items [robotic labor; Columbia 2040; “plarn it” & more] – 4/10/2019

Meeting video volume | Comments following the livestreaming of last night’s borough council meeting echo last month’s: for many, the audio remains problematic .

strawberryBerry 5.1’s Pitzer wheel features ‘obtainers,’ which can cup and pick berries.” – Photograph by Dina Litovsky / Redux for The New Yorker

Soon | Can a robot pick strawberries? – The New Yorker

Meeting Notice for Columbia’s Business operators “COLUMBIA 2040” Columbia Comprehensive Plan – Business Breakfast Engagement Session
What Challenges Does Columbia Face, and How Can We Conquer Those Challenges?
Borough of Columbia Businesses
Wednesday, May 1, 2019
7:00 – 8:30 a.m.
Hinkle’s Restaurant – Conference Dining Room

Please RSVP to:  Deb LaClair, Zoning & Planning Administrative Assistant,
717-684-2467 ext. 7315 or email:

comp plan

Second session | At the library, it’s the second iteation of “public input sessions” of Columbia’s Comprehensive plan project spearheaded by Jeffrey Helm, Zoning and Planning Officer of the Borough of Columbia, who encourages your attendance.

Are you | a “subscription hostage?”ReWork Project

Money stress | parents fighting about money stresses kidsFuturity

Wants your vote | “Family First Health has been selected as a finalist in the Rutter’s Vote With Your Dollar$ program! We are competing to receive $25,000 for our Kids Against Cavities program.” – news release

plarn thursdays

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