“Whimsical, uninformed” | ah, the French have a way with words!

So civilized | “The outgoing French ambassador to the US has compared the Trump administration to the court of King Louis XIV, filled with courtiers trying to interpret the caprices of a ‘whimsical, unpredictable, uninformed’ leader.” – The GuardianNAMES FOR TRUMP

Since being installed, somehow, as the President of the United States, this person has been described differently by so many. Almost everything he’s done is Making America not Great Again – rather it’s taking America down the storm grate again.

??? | ” … but now it is sure that the Russophobic and anti-Trump campaign was all a lie.” – Article from the Pravda Report [Be sure to read this article from the Russian newspaper to get the full impact of the similarities of phrasing used in the article and the ones used by Trump’s corner folks, Sara Huckabee-Sanders, for example.]

Be sure to read this opinion column from Russin | Some reading here: “From the war crimes and tortures of the Bush administration, to the cover-up of these crimes and the zealous prosecution of those who exposed them by the Obama administration, to the racism, mendacity, corruption, misogyny and overall putridity of the Trump administration, evil is the oil that fuels the world.”


  1. Screw the French. If Notre Dame represents the glory of France, it also represents their role in crimes just as abhorrent as Hitler and Germany. Never forget, never forgive, the Inquisition and the role France played in it. Here are a couple of more reasons to bring in the bulldozers and level this temple of blood.

    First,the greed and obstinance of the French trade unions will suck the soul (and all the cash) out of the reconstruction efforts. Secondly, the legitimate complaints of France’s large Muslim and other non-Christian communities cannot be truthfully addressed, and lastly, the self serving, self righteous attitude of archaeological and preservation professionals will stifle even the best intentioned efforts. Besides, we cannot allow it to be rebuilt for the glory of France; that smacks of nationalism. Nationalism is taboo, at least, for Americans and Brits.

    President Trump was criticized for his comments on fighting the fire; Marcon’s declaring Notre Dame will be rebuilt in five years is certainly five times as stupid and a guarantee of disastrous results.

    I’ve chosen to post my thoughts here so five years from now I can legitimately say, “I told you so.”

    I hope I’m wrong about some of this!

    • We both hope both of us will be around in five years and capable of continued thoughtful, lucid and evocative commentary. We look forward to your considered insightful comments.

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