Wandering and wondering on the Saturday before Easter

Columbia’s Easter Egg Hunt was not among the ones listed in this Lancaster Online article: “9 Easter egg hunts in Lancaster County.”

We overheard folks talking about the smaller crowd at today’s Easter Egg Hunt at Glatfelter Memorial Field along Route 462 on the east side of town. Perhaps a reason was the early threat of rain or a lack of community awareness about the event. We wandered to the event and picked up this crumpled program (below) from the ground. Click on the graphic below to view the program in its entirety. The schedule of events and the sponsors of the egg hunt are listed.

egg hunt

4-20 pix 5We wondered about several incongruities: When the event ended, we wondered why the Columbia Borough police car remained parked inside the field while people leaving the event had to dodge across traffic lanes on Rout 462. We wonder also, why there is no painted pedestrian crosswalk from this school district property from one side of the street to the other.

We wonder why the restrooms, paid for by a gofundme fundraising initiative contributed to by citizens was locked and portable toilets, instead, were placed at the event.

We wonder why toy replicas of assault weapons were being sold by vendors … on school district property … on the most holy Christian holiday weekend … at an event orchestrated by a Christian organization … on the anniversary day of the Columbine school massacre in Colorado.

4-21 pix 2

A few steps away from the Glatfelter Memorial Field Easter Egg Hunt activities, representatives of the Columbia Concerned Citizens Association (CCCA) set up a petition signing, information and fundraising display. Over a dozen people stopped by to express their opinions and make contributions to the group; the CCCA is paying to file the law suit and is seeking for support at a GoFundMe site.


4-20 pix 3











  1. Gladfelter’s is not school district property. It is owned by a foundation. But I agree, the sale of replica assault rifles by a vendor at an event organized by a church is worthy of a head scratch.

  2. Ownership of Glatfelter Memorial Field is confusing and not easy to ascertain, we fully agree.

    According to the Lancaster County Property Tax Inquiry Website, the COLUMBIA BORO SCHOOL DISTRICT is the owner of 1249 LANCASTER AVE – the address for Glatfelter Memorial Field.


    Yet, the 2017 IRS FORM 990-PF flied by the Glatfelter Memorial Field Trust shows “land, buildings and equipment” with a fair market value of $1,000,000. The Glatfelter Memorial Field Trust was begun as the Lt. Richard Glatfelter Memorial Field Foundation, records show.

  3. Drove by Gladfelter’s today and noticed there are 2 painted crosswalks. Granted, they are faded due to the large amount of traffic, but they are there. People don’t use crosswalks in town, why would you expect different out there?

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