Meet the candidates night.

meet the candidates

“Meet & Greet” | Several of the aspirants for local public servant roles hosted an event at the Columbia Veterans of Foreign Wars Post last evening.

These borough council aspirants were on hand to meet and talk with citizens who came out to learn more about the candidates positions and stances on borough issues:

NOTE:  Here are the instructions on how to cast a ballot for a  write-in candidate according to the Lancaster County Board of Elections: Voters must print the name on the ballot exactly as it appears on the information card.” Both Minnick’s and Misciagna’s campaign information cards have the information on their cards, below.




  1. I just want to say “Thank you!’ to everyone that came out last night to meet us. The turnout exceeded my expectations. I also enjoyed the thoughtful questions that were asked and look forward to the next event. Stay tuned for future dates.

  2. What a great evening of conversation we had at Thursday night’s “Meet and Greet”. Thanks to all who attended and to the staff of the VFW. In order to remain in contact with community members, we are now planning our next event.

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