Sunday’s news items [In Columbia: the food serving inspection “process”; Earth Day photos; hall of fame inductee & more] – 4/28/2019

whats the hold-up

Check it out | Watch the video of last Tuesday’s council meeting (at the 11:43 mark) to learn that changing from Columbia’s shielded and separate food serving inspection methods and checklists to the established Department of Agriculture’s program (used in every other municipality in Lancaster County) is a process.


Lancaster County’s (except Columbia’s) inspections for April 26 at Lancaster Online.

York County’s Inspections

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.

… except those in Columbia – Columbia persists in having its own inspection system with its own forms and inspection items – rather than the one used statewide. It is ongoing display of a purposeful lack of transparency.

Columbia Spy’s | Photos from yesterday’s Earth Day celebration at Sahd’s Salvage

Inductee  | Columbia graduate (Class of 1954), Joe Geesey will be posthumously inducted into the Lancaster County Hall of Fame at “a banquet this evening in Strasburg” according to an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

And who is surprised by this? | “Online voter registration spikes in PA, outpaces paper by 50% BillyPenn

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