“Customer dis-service”


True story | Pulled into the Turkey Hill convenience store yesterday to get gas. The store across from the Sheetz on Columbia Avenue east of town. Went through the usual routine of scanning the Turkey Hill Rewards card to get the reward of three cents a gallon discount. The gas pump screen was a bit “hinky” but ultimately allowed the gas start up. Noticed that discounted price did not appear though. After filling up, no receipt was dispatched. Walked inside to get the receipt and comment that the card swipe did not produce the discount.

The Turkey Hill associate blurted, “Didn’t you see the sign? The discount isn’t being applied. They’re doing upgrades.”

“What sign?”

“This sign.” the associate said pointing to a 3″ x 5″ inch or so sign on the counter in front of her. “They’re all over the pumps”


Walked back to the pump, looked for the sign and took this photo of the sign atop the pump. What’s that really tell a Customer?

th gas

Hey, Turkey Hill associate with the snarky response and the absolutely horrible “Customer service” attitude:

Try to make sure you know what you’re talking about when you dis-service your Customers. There are other places to buy gas — but you don’t care. Neither does your employer because they hire someone with a “lousy Customer dis-service” attitude.

One comment

  1. Did you know that Kroeger sold Turkey Hill several months ago? You must already have a new card. This employee ought to be fired.

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