Demopublican or Republicratic | Another hat in the Borough Council facebook campaigning ring

Election day is right around the corner | Be sure to keep abreast of what candidates vying for offices in Columbia are saying. Check out their campaign facebook pages here:

School board elections in Pennsylvania are regarded as partisan, despite the ability to cross file, since cross filed candidates still run as the nominees of one or more political parties.” – How to Run for School Board | A Guide for School Board Candidates in Pennsylvania”

school board candidates

On the topic of inclusive and communication | Someone shared this communication piece (click on the graphic to see the complete brochure as a .pdf file) that subject. The folks campaigning for local office — Columbia Borough School District Board of Directors — know that communicating with voting-eligible citizens needs more than an online presence. Evidently these folks are going door-to-door to tell their story about why their presence on the school board of directors is in the best interest of Columbians.

school bd candidates

2019 Columbia PA School Board Candidates | “Our Children, Our Community, Our Future!” – above left to right: Sandra Duncan, Charles Leader, Kathy Hohenadel, Lauren VonStetten, Rebecca Young are campaigning for your votes in the May primary. See their facebook page here:

school board ballot

Above is a part (school director candidates) of the sample ballot for the May primary election — again, if you’re a critically thinking independent voter, you don’t get to pick a side in this partisan folly. But if you’re registered as a Republican or Democrat you get the above selections. Note that you can also “write in candidates” but you must remember to spell the names correctly as write in candidate Robert Misciagna reminds everyone with his campaign information sheet.


Remember, you get to vote for five of the folks campaigning for the School Board of Directors’ positions. Look at the above names carefully and vote for those who’ve demonstrated independent and critical thought rather than political party line expeditious voting.

council ballot

Same with the borough council ballot | Here, if you’re a registered Demopublican or Republicrat, you get to vote for FOUR OF the above listed candidates. Again, you have write in options, but you have to spell the aspirant’s name correctly. Here is one person who is in the search for seat on the council.


NOTE:  Here are the instructions on how to cast a ballot for a  write-in candidate according to the Lancaster County Board of Elections: Voters must print the name on the ballot exactly as it appears on the information card.” Both Minnick’s and Misciagna’s campaign information cards have the information on their cards

Election day is right around the corner | Be sure to keep abreast of what candidates vying for offices in Columbia are saying. Check out their campaign facebook pages here:

Let’s hope that all the candidates, aspirants and incumbents will do some real grass roots, feet on the street, door knocking, media using campaigning letting Columbia’s citizens know where they stand on real issues that impact real people in real ways. Let’s hope that voters will be asking the right questions and trying to discern BS from integrity and transparency.

Local politics is what directly impacts people. Local politics is about taxation that matters most. Find out what those campaigning really believe. Find out whether they’re just shills and order-takers for their masters at the Demopublican or Republicratic local or county levels.

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