Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [Good news: Bocce medalists | not so good news: love affair with “rocket man”; turnpike & newspaper] – 5/7/2019


Bocce’s better | Columbia Borough School District’s Website congratulated its medalist bocce team. 


Return of “rocket man” | “North Korea State Media Confirms The Country Tested Projectiles”Newsy

newspaper decline

Historic meltdown | “In News Industry, A Stark Divide Between Haves And Have-Nots”RandleReport

Turnpike finances are a mess | “Why one Turnpike scofflaw is paying only $11,500 of his $128,000 bill” The Mrning Call


    • Sorry to not be as “on top of things” as you’d like; we just noticed this at the School District Website. Don’t recall seeing a news release coming from any source.

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