Thursday’s news items [monster catch; senior games; PENSION GRAB: at the trough too long & more] – 5/9/2019

Senior Games | Lancaster County’s’s Senior Games are in swing at Spooky Nook Sports through May 10. This Lancaster Online article has 19 photos from the games.

Gone on September 30 & a loss for corporate welfare | “Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant To Close, Latest Symbol Of Struggling Industry”NPR

record catfishJeff Bonawitz, 54, of East Lampeter Township, shown with his 54-pound catfish. – PHOTO: PA Fish and Boat Commission

Whopper | “Lancaster County man reels in record breaking catfish”TribLive (Greensburg, PA)

Baer nails it | Though this column (State lawmakers mostly duck the pension reform they passed for others) may be locked by a paywall for you,  columnist John Baer nails it again. He writes about the recent “I got mine – you don’t get yours” over-paid and ethically challenged legislators we send to Harrisburg to represent us. In the column, he writes, We know it (the legislature) values self-service above public service. We’ve learned to view it (that legislature) with low expectations.”


VOTE THEM OUT | Note that these Lancaster County elected public servants want to stay at the public trough: Hickernell, Sturla and Aument. Two others – Gillen and Cox – representing tiny slices of Lancaster County due to partisan gerrymandering, also voted to stay at the public trough.

Hypocrisy emboldened | Read this WITF article: “Pa. lawmakers cling to pensions after pushing 401(k)-style plans.”

Columbia resident’s letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

waugh letter

Lobbying | This column, “Under new employment advertising rule, Americans need not apply”, is appearing in newspapers across the nation. It’s a lobbying initiative from a person representing News Media Alliance, an organization that says this: “We are the voice of the news media industry, empowering members to succeed in today’s fast-moving media environment.”

Yet this happens | “Owners of 717 Social Club in Columbia charged with serving alcohol without a license”FOX43-TV


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  1. I wonder if Jeff catches an 80 lb, or 54 lb for that matter, catfish when he is 80 years old, will he be able to hold it up for a photo.

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