H-m-m-m | Columbia candidates in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster – just not all the candidates

Paging through the “hold-it-in-your-hands” version of Lancaster Newspapers daily newspaper, LNP – Always Lancaster, we found this article, “Republicans face choices for council in 2 boroughs.” What no listing of persons on the other major party?

Here are the candidates for the Republican Party:

council candidates

Above the “council article” on the same page are candidates for school board of directors.

borough councillors

Find all the candidates we can find here: https://columbianewsandviews.com/2019/05/06/demopublican-or-republicratic/



  1. The reason only Republicans ( and only 2municipalities) are discussed is because this is just a Primary and they only focus on places where more candidates are on the ballot than spots available. Penn Live did the same thing – only focused efforts on the true primary races. While the parties are focused on November, for some candidates, like myself, this is go time. If I want to be able to see November, I have to get my word out now.

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