Wednesday’s news items [meeting take aways; emotional support animals and the Americans With Disabilities Act, roundabouts & more] – 5/15/2019

Meeting take aways | Last night’s council meeting drew a couple dozen people at the outset though over half of them departed by the meeting’s adjournment at 8:35 pm. The full complement of councillors were present , the borough manager, the mayor, the police chief and the remaining the remaining junior councillor sat around the tables at the front of the room.


High points | Some of the high points from last night’s meeting include: (1) Members of the borough’s first responders were recognized as the mayor read proclamations proclaiming Emergency Medical Services Week and National Police Week. (2) Another successful live/video streaming of the council meeting at the borough’s facebook page that accommodated over 800 viewers to date. Live/video streaming is a giant step forward to allow persons with disabilities, older residents; persons with scheduling conflicts; work and other diversions to stay current in borough actions conducted at meetings. The audio quality is improved. (3) Public recognition of the service of junior councillor, Robert Misciagna.

Low points | “Me, me, me” commenter taking credit for starting the borough’s live/streaming of council meetings. That’s something that’s been identified by others for more than seven years. Live/video streaming is one step toward transparent governance and keeping stakeholders informed.

Inspiring | “Teen loses over 100 pounds after walking to school everyday”FOX43-TV

Ad Crable article | “New National Heritage Area to highlight Susquehanna | Designation likely to attract more visitors to York and Lancaster counties’ natural, historical and cultural features.” – Bay Journal 

Bay Journal | Ad Crable was a writer with Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. for along time, he’s now “a staff writer for The Bay Journal and he is based in Lancaster County, PA.”

Emotional Support Animals | Are included in the Americans With Disabilities Act language. They’re not service animals, though. However, “emotional support animals help individuals with emotional disabilities such as anxiety or depression by providing comfort and support. Any animal can be an emotional support animal. Federal law does not require these animals to have any specific training and you do not have to be physically disabled to have an emotional support animal. The animal is allowed in all housing regardless of pet policy, with any pet deposit or pet rent being waived.” – ADA National Network and

Oh, no … say it ain’t so | “Marysville Borough manager facing theft, bribery charges”FOX43-TV

H.A.R.B vacancy | Columbia’s seeking a licensed real estate broker to serve a five year term on its Historical Architectural Review Board. The borough manager said this will be posted at the Borough website and facebook page.

Primary Election Day | Next Tuesday is primary election day in PA. Some of the people campaigning in Columbia are shown here.

Roundabout coming | Across the globe and in this country, roundabouts have been introduced to slow vehicular traffic and to provide greater pedestrian safety. Columbia will install a temporary roundabout on Central Avenue as a traffic calming device. “The primary purpose of traffic calming is to support the livability and vitality of residential and commercial areas through improvements in non-motorist safety, mobility, and comfort. These objectives are typically achieved by reducing vehicle speeds or volumes on a single street or a street network. Traffic calming measures consist of horizontal, vertical, lane narrowing, roadside, and other features that use self-enforcing physical or psycho-perception means to produce desired effects.” – Federal Highway Commission

“Incognito no more | Publishers close loopholes as paywall blockers emerge”Digiday

We’ll miss you, Tim Conway.

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