Thursday’s news items, part 2 [a more global perspective] – 5/16/2019

See where this is going? | Headed along the Aryan path of hatred. Stephen Miller planned mass arrests of immigrant parents and kidsKirstjen Nielsen and other top officials blocked the plan, which would have targeted thousands for deportation. Now, those officials are gone.”Vanity Fair

“Want Better Education in Rural America? | Start with Broadband”Route Fifty

Worse than last year | “How does Pennsylvania rank against the other 49 states? Hint: it’s not at the top.” The Lebanon Daily News

Private property under protected. The concept

Another place, but some of this applies anywhere | “8 Things To Immediately Do When Your Property Has Zoning Code Violations”SIORPulse

Who didn’t know? | The secret history of News Corp (FOX news): a media empire built on spreading propaganda” The Conversation

half staff

Did you notice? | “Why are flags half-staff today?” The Morning Call



  1. Concerning the half mast flags, perhaps Trump has attacked militarily Iran or Venezuela. If that were the case, the flag should have been hung upside down.

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