Saturday’s news items [Fair Housing Summit; events; happenings & more] – 5/18/2019

Primary Election day is Tuesday | Do you know the  candidates for elected public service in Columbia? Who are they? What have they done? What do they stand for? Click here to find out.

fair housing summitReverse thinking | Tomorrow’s generation will lead  

Be mindful and careful with speech | Muslim teaching during RamadanLancaster Online  

alpenrose trip

Which is right for you? | Zillow, Trulio or your real estate agent?The Morning Call

news release | Elected (non-veteran) public servants invite “Vietnam-era veterans” to a 50th anniversary commemorative pinning at Columbia High School on June 15. This is nearly a year after the recognized ending of the war. This duo of “chickenhawks” grabs the spotlight of career politicians everywhere and shines it on themselves first. The opening paragraph of the news release is all about them first: “Congressman Lloyd Smucker, in conjunction with the office of U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, will host a ceremony honoring area Vietnam-era veterans with a 50th anniversary commemorative pin. Veterans from the 11th Congressional District are invited to attend and be honored at this event.”



  1. I believe the lack of local news coverage has been commented on before. This is a good example of that.

    When news is lacking, rumor takes its place. It would be interesting to hear what is being said among the locals in Columbia.

    • There’s mention the local facebook have some unsubstantiated chatter and clatter. Though one administrator turned off the commentary because there was nothing officially substantiated. Though we also believe “where there’s smoke – there probably is fire” in some form.

  2. We build, and we destroy. Aren’t humans great. So much for the Martin Tower. If you watched the video, did you hear the cheers as the implosion happened?

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