“Scenes seen” on a 10,000 steps Sunday – 5/26/2019

cornYoung corn plants gwowing up with a beer bottle in their midst. A favorite peonies.

codesAh, codes. When will the codes folks learn to park those big honking trucks in the normal parking spaces? and not take up spaces designated for handicap parking. And when will Columbia begin citing folks who cavalierly flick their cigarette butts to the ground. It really gives visitors to town a bad impression.

memday celebrationMemorial Day program in the Locust Street park; it began at 1:00. The parade began across town at 2:30.


S3ALSThe idea is a fine one, but it really should be redone arraying the military branch seals correctly.

6Empty judges stand.

7Balcony viewing for the parade.

Columbia High School band … sounding good.


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