Monday’s news items [Memorial Day, 2019; legend gone; chickenhawks; Starview Brews coming & more] – 5/27/2019

memorial day 2019

OPINION: Chickenhawk clatter | The celebration of Memorial Day is not a time for grandstanding nor political commentary. It is a time for solemn remembrance of those who died in military service of the nation. These words are from this Savannah Morning News writer’s column – On Memorial Day, a tribute to sacrifice – which is an elegant tribute to those who served and died.

Saber-rattling, jingoistic, racist, xenophobic ramblings are trademarks of snarky, second generation silver-spooned screamers who’ve never slept on faraway ground nor had a finger on a trigger. They’ve never stood a formation to say farewell to brothers or sisters who won’t come home.

Where were the elected public servants, the funeral directors and others when they had their chance to serve in the US Armed Forces? 

“ZIPS Dry Cleaners clean American Flags for free” | ZIPS Dry Cleaners is located at 3011-3015 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603. FOX43-TV


consolidationConsolidation no-brainer | “Merging, for efficiency’s sake, the tiny and impoverished Columbia School District with nearby Hempfield or Penn Manor seems a no-brainer to us, but those school districts have balked in the past at taking on Columbia’s problems.” – Lancaster Online

Another great gone | Bart


Coming | “Starview Brews plans late summer brewpub opening in Columbia”Lancaster Online

A 2017 letter-to-the-editor | Gentrification and “the land of perpetual parking garages”!” Lancaster Online

See this column (below) in yesterday’s LNP – Always Lancaster?

“As a community, we should not be fearful of improvements to our incredible city, but we should be wary of who benefits from those improvements, especially if the projects are recipients of government subsidies.”

gentrification column

gentrification column 2





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