Wednesday’s news items [council meeting video and comments; Grumpies are back & more] – 5/29/2019

Last night’s council meeting | video and commentsColumbia Borough facebook page – The camera position is different among other municipality videos; Columbia’s video is from the borough manager’s seat. Other municipalities capture the entire council and borough and persons making comments. See Middletown and Lancaster.

Can you cut down the trees for under $11,100? | Commenters have suggestions: “$10,000 to remove trees smh” – “I’ve always gotten the best price from Tree Trimmerz (John Vaughn)out of the Hellam area. Whatever happened to getting bids and taking the lowest price?”

junior councillorNewest Junior Councillor | During last night’s meeting, Columbia Borough High School Student, Tristan Anderson, was administered the oath of office as the borough’s newest Junior Councillor. The above photo is from last night’s videostreaming.

You may talk; you may not | “Manheim Township residents bash, praise Oregon Village development as 5-month hearing nears end”Lancaster Online

SmartTalk | “Libraries managing conflict resolution” 

Bonus | Dog Owners Get More Exercise” The New York Times

Thursday plarn

lincoln highway garage

In 1915 | “Earliest Lincoln Highway Garage was in Wrightsville”The York Daily Record

Grumpies return | … looking pretty much as they did when they arrived in Japan … grumpy.

Ye-s-s-s! | “MacKenzie Bezos Pledges To Give More Than Half Of Her Billions To Charity”NPR

Real world in the swamp | “Rich farmers, not mom-and-pop farms, will collect most of Trump’s tariff bailout”The Los Angeles Times

“patriotism and truthfulness?” | Who us? Elected public servants will be called out for their bailing out when they had the opportunity. In Vietnam, there was little tolerance for draft evaders. “Democrats aim not-so-friendly fire at Trump over military deferments”The Washington Post

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