Saturday’s news items, part 2 [Drive-in memories; Tuesday’s borough council work session meeting agenda; lead abatement; census jobs & more] – 6/1/2019

Paradise lost | Hang on tho those recollections of the Columbia Drive-In. Look for “170 apartments and townhouses, a bank, restaurant and retail store.”Lancaster Online

Here it is | June 1 is the 152nd day of the year. Not quite half of 2019 is gone. Can things improve from here?

cb meeting notice 6-1

On the agenda | The agenda (and accompanying packet) for Tuesday night’s council work session contains some interesting items; this “warm hand-off” schedule is one of them:

say what

There’s also a broken link for this item | “The Columbia River Park Advisory Committee will be presenting the final Columbia River Park Phase III Master Site Development Plan to Borough Council. The plan was previously made available for public comment and can be downloaded by using this file transfer site/link: (Download link

Get the lead out | This notice is at the borough Website, too.

Certified Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessors – Here is a List of Certified Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessors. Columbia Borough is…..providing this list for informational purposes only. The Borough does not endorse any particular assessor nor does the Borough limit property owners to this list.  Please refer to Columbia Borough Code Chapter 166 Rental Property (Ordinance No. 906), for specific details.”

A second tab on the spreadsheet contains a listing of Lead Abatement Companies. Don’t know why there’s a separate list since the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry already has this one: Certified Lead Abatement Companies.

Could not find | agendas for the other posted meetings: Board of Health; Columbia Land Bank Committee & Planning Commission: 2040 at the Website.

Lancaster City | shows its “Lead-Safe” properties.

census jobs



  1. And just like that, we now see why it is taking so long to turn inspections over to the state. The fact that we have to meet with each food manager and conduct mock interviews says it all. If the food manager has the required serv safe training, shouldn’t they already know the state regulations and how a state inspection/interview should go?

  2. They should. And they should also know that inspections are unannounced. And they’re not on a regular schedule.

    And the food serving establishment should not be charged an annual $75 inspection fee.

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