Wednesday’s news items [the other side; borough’s annual report; school board meeting agenda; chemical castration & more] – 6/5/2019

sh event in writhtsvilleTake it to the “other side” | In Wrightsville 

When’s the last time we heard | “fornicators?” That’s the topic of a letter writer in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Alabama joins in | Alabama’s joined the other states that have approved chemical castration for sex crimes involving children. Will the Catholic Church be next?

opinion question yes

NO surprise | This opinion poll is from a Webpage at Lancaster Online; despite Lancaster County’s “red” voting record, the poll affirms the independent thinking of many. The times, they may be a changing.

A thought | Do what Vermont does to bring people and businessThe Boston Globe


Spring up with the weeds | “Meet marijuana’s close cousin: What is CBD and why is it suddenly everywhere?”PennLive

annual borough reportClick to enlarge | This is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster; it’s also posted at Lancaster Online, but we’ve not found it posted anywhere else.

csb cow meeting agendaClick to enlarge or see the agenda with attachments at the School District’s Website


knitting thursdaysGet rid of those plastic bags | “Pennsylvania lawmakers push to eliminate litter and single-use plastic”WHYY


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