Monday’s news items [apricot time; success in HR; elected public servants and payments; couple of “scenes seen” & more] – 6/10/2019

Hit and run | Uptown incident – Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch

An email | “Join us tomorrow just prior to the MT Commissioners Meeting 5:30 pm. There’ll be a proposal that all Commissioners and candidates take a pledge to refuse campaign donations from developers (see LNP and Phila Inquirer articles yesterday). WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!!  WE WOULD LIKE MANY MEMBERS TO SHOW UP IN SUPPORT OF THE PROPOSAL!!! Commissioners meeting will start at 6pm at the MT Municipal Building located on Municipal Drive (not at the Library).”


Success in HR | “I’ve Just Landed My First HR Consulting Gig On The Side. What’s Your Advice?”


“FRESH Apricots for June!Delicate with a unique texture and distinctive flavor, fresh Apricots are worth a try for June and July snacking.”The Produce Geek

mural faces

what yellow curbWhat yellow marking? What’s that mean, anyway?

mayflyMayflies on the bridge | There were so many of these little buggers flying about on The Bridge yesterday it was imperative to not be a mouth breather. Mostly, they were on the Wrightsville side.

bedragled wreathBedraggled | The wreaths placed on Memorial Day are showing signs of fatigue.


online vs traditionalSOURCE: Public Agenda

“What’s the value of an Online Degree?How can you discern between a reputable degree and a virtual sham?”

chc graduatesColumbia’s 2019 graduates – LNP – Always Lancaster

Legal Notices | sealed bids sought and a Hearing Notice on Short-Term Rental Dwelling Uses and Defining the Use

Brouhaha in the Lehigh Valley due to this letter | “You want kids? You pay for their schooling. It is as simple as that.”The Morning Call



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