Whoa! Look at this news.

There’ll be another name on the Democratic list of candidates for borough council in the November election. The second high vote getter for the Republican Party in last month’s primary election also pulled in enough write-in’s to be the fourth candidate on the Democratic side. Here’s Heather Zink’s faceboook post: https://www.facebook.com/Heatherzinkforcolumbiaboroughcouncil/?__tn__=HH-R

zink letter

Almost certainly there’ll be a change of councillor composition next year. In November, registered voters will vote for four councillors. The results of the May primary election are here.

At last night’s council meeting, Zink’s admonition about the continued lack of transparency and back-door actions went with no response from the unphased seated councillors. Watch the video from last night’s council meeting beginning at the 9:32 mark and the actual council discussion begins at the 47:45 mark.

More development? | A new business replacing a former business is not necessarily “more development.”  – Michael Shomody – Candidate for Columbia Borough Council




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