Thursday’s news items [Judge rules for CCCA; people want transparency; earthquake; Rental Advantage Course; some “scenes seen”] – 6/13/2019

transparent borough councilIt’s what people want | No back room decisions. 

lnp article not transparentIn today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

Extract from the article | “The Sunshine Act’s personnel executive session allows private deliberation regarding employment matters of specific employees or appointees,” said Melissa Melewsky, Media Law Counsel for the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association. “It does not permit private discussions about generally applicable policies or independent contractors.”

overruledOverruled | That’s the ruling for the Columbia Concerned Citizens Association’s lawsuit against the Borough of Columbia’s defense of back-room decision. For those who want to read the Application of Edward G. BIESTER, Jr decision, click here.

This borough listened | “Democracy can help improve community when you take part: Editorial”The Middletown Press & Journal

“You better check the registration on this plate soon, mister.” | Why do people expect exceptions? “Special treatment” speak from a Lancaster County Judge after being pulled over by a law enforcement officer is in an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

If it’s broke, don’t fix it | “Republicans push back on cash Wolf wants for new voting machines”WITF

“Did you feel shaking in central Pennsylvania? | USGS confirms a 3.4-magnitude earthquake”The Centre Daily Times


Ah, the irony of corporate welfare | “‘Essential’ federal transportation subsidy is anything but essential [opinion]” Lancaster Online

Single hauler trash makes sense | “Middletown absorbing cost of price increase for trash pickup from Penn Waste”The Middletown Press & Journal

market house open houseYesterday | The Market House was open for drop-by visitors yesterday.

codes parkingAnd there’s no parking? | Sure there is. If the borough’s codes vehicles would park elsewhere, there’d be at least four more spaces. Why does the borough have this many codes trucks? We never see this many codes trucks in other boroughs.


Long over due | “Pa. committee to study consolidation of school districts”WFMZ69-TV

At Tuesday’s meeting | Councillor John Novak spoke about the Organizational Chart or (militarily the Table of Organization and Equipment [MTOE]; something that’s needed for any organization. Three or so years ago, we posted this about Organizational Charts; here’s Mt. Pleasant’s updated one. On an Organizational Chart or table of organization, everyone knows who reports to whom; it is the beginning of the end of chaos. Notice in Mt. Pleasant’s it remains that the elected public servants (the mayor and the commissioners (councillors) report to the residents of Mt. Pleasant.

mt pleasant org chart


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