Wednesday’s news items [Borough “work session”; fire police; “have not” schools; national night out & more] – 7/3/2019


Sparsely attended | Last night’s council “work session” had fewer attendees as a dozen or so people including media resources, the mayor, the police chief, the borough manager, two borough staffers and five of the seven councillors. The meeting was convened at 6:02 pm and was adjourned at 6:41 pm.

The dark cloud that hovers over Joe Btfsplk continues to hover some borough figures as ferreting facts is really a process. Watch the video from last night’s meeting streamed and archived at the borough’s facebook page. LNP – Alway’s Lancaster‘s correspondent asked council to qualify the reasons for executive sessions; that’s stipulated in Pennyslvania”s Sunshine Act:

“As stated in § 708(b) an executive session may be held during an open meeting, at the conclusion of an open meeting, or may be announced for a future date.  The reason for holding the executive session must be announced at the open meeting immediately previous to the executive session or subsequent thereto.  Lastly, as stated in § 708(c), official action resulting from an executive session shall occur at an open meeting.” -SOURCE:

Columbia: Paris of the Susquehanna | Yep. according to this: “‘Don’t miss your chance to see why some are calling Columbia “the Paris of Pennsylvania,”’ says a postcard announcing a Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County architectural walking tour. The tour will be conducted in September in a ‘Paris’ along the Susquehanna, not the Seine.” – Lancaster Online

“Despite its Independence Day roots | Pennsylvania ranks low in patriotism: study”Penn Live

Fire department updates – Columbia Borough Fire Department’s President Mark Fritz provided updates from the fire department.

fire police

The roles of Fire Police | Fire Police exist in 14 states of the United States including: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Maine, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

“Fire police in Pennsylvania are volunteer fire company members and are sworn in by the mayor, borough council president, township supervisor, or the local district justice of the peace. While they are usually under the direct control of the local police, they are under the Pennsylvania State Police if no local department is available. The first fire police officers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania were appointed in Meadville, Crawford County in 1896 and until the passage of Title 35 in 1941, had no greater authority than that which could be provided by their respective fire company and municipality. They are also referred to in Pennsylvania as “Special Fire Police.” – SOURCE:

borough july 4

Columbia Borough School District | Identified as a “have not” system, in this Lancaster Online report, the Columbia Borough School District is slated for a two percent increase in the new state budget. This Temple University report shows:

cbsd have not

LEGAL NOTICE | Amending the definition of Capital Project – though not posted everywhere- Lancaster Online

Better than local audits | “Scathing state audit of Harrisburg School District reveals more than $5 million in questionable costs”PennLive


calendar revise

You gonna’ watch? | The DIC’s “dream of a military spectacle will finally come to fruition on our nation’s 243rd birthday.” The madman wanna’ dictator says, “We’re going to display our military. We’re going to display it. The military may come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue. That military may be flying over New York City and Washington, D.C., for parades. I mean, we’re going to be showing our military.” – The Washington Post

“President claims military is thrilled” | Ask any combat veteran to see whether that true; read more about the July 4 spectacle here.

Best description: “‘A narcissistic travesty’ | critics savage Trump’s Independence Day jamboree” The Guardian


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