Saturday’s news items [cheaper in Columbia; municipal briefs; Craft Beer Fest & more] – 7/6/2019

burialCheaper in Columbia | Some things do cost less in Columbia; another bonus to reading the daily LNP – Always Lancaster newspaper are the advertisements that you sometimes don’t see elsewhere.

Absent | Recent building announcements for projects in Manheim Township (Oregon Dairy’s project and the Stehli apartments project) evidently are going to happen without financial incentives from the municipality. At least, we could find nothing about revolving loans, grants, tax abatements, etc. at the municipality’s robust Website. The Website, incidentally, lists employment opportunities.

bigger is better | It’s good to be a big farmer: “863,560 in aid for crops”The Los Angeles Times

muni briefs - colaClick on the graphic to enlarge. SOURCE: LNP – Always Lancaster

Police Officer caught in the act | of doing something exceptionalFOX43-TV

Fundraiser: “more than 200 beers from 90 breweries” | Columbia Kettle Works will be one of the 90 breweries at The Lititz Craft Beer Fest 2019.

Folks in Columbia want one | but Lititz will get a Taco BellLancaster Online

two calls for three? | “Southern California reels from magnitude 7.1 quake”The Washington Post

tragic end | “Frank Meza, 70-year-old marathoner accused of cheating, found dead in L.A. River”The Los Angeles Times

2 n 9 Lib crochet

09 Library apollo

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