Sunday’s news items – 7/7/2019

When a newspaper folds, we all lose. That’s especially true in Youngstown, Ohio. | The closing of the Youngstown Vindicator will widen the gulf between citizens and the public institutions trying to bind up the wounds of this Rust Belt region.” The Washington Post

Without a newspaper | Citizens of any municipality have to rely on a quality, robust and comprehensive Website. The City of Youngstown’s Website contains employment notices; agendas and minutes; economic development info and lots of other information. For the others, nearly 240,000 residents of Mahoning County, keeping informed is likely to be a serious challenge. There’s a County Website. There are, though a slew of municipalities and school districts. Yet, none of these will publish a compendium with the breadth and depth of local issues, births, deaths, events, meetings, opportunities, actions and activities that the daily newspaper did.

Sure, there’s television | “The Valley reacts to The Vindicator closing its doors”WFMJ21-TV

And a clueless school board president | “‘“Every city needs a local paper,’ said Youngstown School Board President Brenda Kimble. It was about the nicest thing she had to say about The Vindicator. The newspaper’s editorials have been critical of the board and its efforts to repeal House Bill 70, which created the district’s CEO position. ‘Frankly, I blame it on the editors, the reason this paper’s closing,’ Kimble said. ‘Nobody wants to buy the papers because of the negativity.’” –  WKBN27-TV

Alone | “Pennsylvania’s Police Can’t Use Radar and Changing That Could Be an Uphill Battle”Route Fifty

statStar | seen on a Columbia door.

From LNP – Always Lancaster‘s editorial today | A plea for sanity

We implore you to contact your representatives in Congress. Demand comprehensive immigration reform, which has been put off repeatedly, and don’t let them tell you that such reform is impossible as a presidential election year nears.

“And tell them, please, to demand an end to family separation and better care for the children being detained. Ask them to think of their beloved children — who might judge them someday should they fail to act, as our own children might judge us if we fail to act, too.”

“Opinion | Childhood trauma is a public health threat. Our kids deserve better.” [VIDEO] The Washington Post

loss of conscience“Mass video proceedings for immigrants in tents on the border” The Intercept

Gestapo & Border Patrol agents | archived racist and obscene facebook posts – The Intercept

“Thomas Jefferson’s last letter | A three minute audio: “Somehow, in the depths of his personal misery towards the end of his life, Thomas Jefferson once again found his powerful way with words.”The Washington Post

2020 cannot come fast enough. That’s when Jeff Helm gets out of the food serving establishments inspection business. It the interim, Columbia could elect to post each month’s inspections at its Website and/or facebook page. Will it?


Lancaster County’s (except Columbia’s) inspections for July 5 at Lancaster Online. There was a time when the Salunga Family Restaurant was well run; but that was then and this is now. And now, there are lots of violations.

York County’s Inspections

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.

… except those in Columbia – Columbia will continue to have its own inspection system until 2020.  It is ongoing; not posting the monthly inspections is a display of a purposeful lack of transparency.

Mt. Bethel is the lead | In this Lancaster Online article: “Local cemeteries face the challenge of staying solvent while honoring the dead.”

The Police Log | We like this kind of reporting, because citizens can see the when & where of police responses – Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department

Fireworks citations | In Lititz, more than a few persons were cited for illegal fireworks displays, here’s one: “The LBPD patrol function has filed a summary non-traffic citation against Elizabeth N. BARTLEY (age 20) of Lancaster, alleging a violation of the Lititz Borough Ordinance Fireworks Forbidden. On 07/04/2019 at 9:37 PM, it is alleged that BARTLEY used fireworks in the 400 Block of North Cedar Street, which are forbidden by ordinance. BARTLEY has been summoned to respond in District Court. BARTLEY is presumed innocent.” – Lititz Borough Police Department CrimeWatch page


England’s DIC | The “‘Moronic & clueless’: Boris Johnson”The Washington Post

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