Agenda for Tuesday’s Borough Council meeting

July 9, 2019 | 7:00 PM

“WHEREAS, the Borough Council of the Borough of Columbia has recently been
advised by bond counsel that the method of funding that the revolving loan program is inconsistent with limitations upon bonds issued by the Borough of Columbia; and

WHEREAS, the Borough of Columbia has no other source of funds available for
the program that are not restricted by limitations upon the bond fund; and

WHEREAS, until an appropriate means of funding can be secured, it is not in the
public interest to allow a loan program to exist without the means of funding said

This is included in the meeting packet that’s posted at the borough Website: Columbia Borough Council Regular Meeting 07-09-2019 Agenda and Meeting Packet

blank agenda

Huh? What’s it mean? | “A food establishment inspection was performed at the former 717 Social Club at 401 South Second Street in anticipation of the AMVETS relocation. and A food establishment inspection was performed at 114 North Third Street in anticipation of the Tacos To Go relocation.

In the Board of Health, Zoning, Planning & EMA Report for June 2019 | “Notified the Myers development team that a temporary pedestrian safe-walking solution needs to be constructed within thirty days in front of the stalled 132 Locust Street mixed-use project.”

Tough finding employment opportunities at the Borough Website | But there’s a position that’ll be discussed at Tomorrow’s council meeting. The position is “COORDINATOR OF SERVICES.” The position in the police department pays $22.73 an hour.

Here’s where the COLUMBIA BOROUGH APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT is found at the borough Website:

Wonder whether | the considered position is part of a collective bargaining unit and represented by a union?

Also on the meeting agenda |

  1. Update on Borough Web Site redesign
  2. Discussion of improvements to Meeting Live Streaming  

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