Wednesday news items, part 2 [100 plus heat index; crashes; Wonderland votes & more] – 7/17/2019

heat waveIt’s gonna’ be hotToday’s Weather! and hotter as the week goes along.

“Heat Safety Tips and Resources”

State agency, not the township | Loan funds for this privately owned project came from the  Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority; not West Hempfield Township. Read the article at Lancaster Online.

Crash yesterday | Police report todayLititz Police Department Crime Watch

Mattress dumping | Happens everywhere; there’s one is in the Manheim Township Police Department’s Daily News Release.

“Force Multiplier”|  “U.S. Attorney says Lancaster is a renewed focus area for Feds”

top pa players“Oakland Raiders receiver Fred Biletnikoff, left, and quarterback Ken Stabler each hold up one finger after they defeated the Minnesota Vikings in NFL football’s Super Bowl XI. Biletnikoff caught four passes for 79 yards to earn MVP honors. (AP Photo/File)”

Remember when moments | Meet PennLive’s All-Pennsylvania All-Time Football Team

Mild rebukes | Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s editorial points out the “mild rebukes” that US Representative Lloyd Smucker and US Senator Pat Toomey made: “Smucker never mentioned the president by name, though a spokesperson confirmed the congressman was referring to Trump’s tweets. Having tweeted his commitment just a few days before to ‘restoring civility to our political discourse,’ Smucker followed through on that commitment, if tepidly. Republican Sen. Pat Toomey also weighed in Monday, calling Trump’s ‘go back’ remark ‘wrong,’ and maintaining that the citizenship of the congresswomen of color ‘is as valid as mine.’ He added: ‘We should defeat their ideas on the merits, not on the basis of their ancestry.’” It’s just so sad that both major political parties are infested with “sycophantic” people on a traitorous path.

House vote | Yesterday, as expected.

  • House Resolution 489 which was passed (On Agreeing to the Resolution Condemning President Trump’s racist comments directed at Members of Congress) – Smucker: NO

muni briefs 7-17


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