“scenes seen” on a Friday afternoon walk | at AJ’s and elsewhere.

Today’s weather was just perfect to saunter about parts of town. And we took opportunity to snap some shots along the beaten and less beaten path.

ajs 2

Since there were so many cars and shoppers in the newly resurfaced parking lot at the shopping plaza formerly known as Little Mussers, we stopped in for some light shopping at AJ’s Surplus Grocery. After all, it was hot and we did not want to carry much the rest of the way. We came back later with a vehicle.

Spoke with a few shoppers outside the store and they agreed the store was bright, clean and well stocked. They were pleased too with the prices.

Chatted with the manager, Darby Papez (pronounced papes with a long a), for a few minutes. He told us yesterday and the days leading up to next Thursday’s official opening will have reduced store hours — and AJ’s is using the time to give its staffers and systems, time to get acclimated to a new store.

The store is locally owned and is sensitive to the Columbia shopper. It’s wide aisles and pleasing display of product include produce, frozen foods, dairy and a deli-counter.

Stop by. Grab a cart and wander through the store. Get familiar with the product location, the friendly staffers will be delighted to help you if you’ve questions or need assistance. Papez told us the store’s staff numbers around 45 people, some are full-time and some are part-time.

The store’s located at 960 Lancaster Avenue, Columbia, Pennsylvania and the store hours are:

  • Monday through Friday – 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday – 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday – CLOSED

summer day
Lazy summer afternoons are just amazing days to take in the many sights — everyday sights that we can miss. In spite of the trash that some folks just have to throw anywhere, the little island of sunshine viewed through the trees is just a feel-good scene. The pollinator plantings were attractive to butterflies and bees. Just soothing to watch. And don’t you remember those carefree days of summer just pedaling about on your bike. We do.

gateway viewThere’s lots of chatter about making Columbia’s gateway’s becoming to people driving to and through town. Sadly, the truck and trailer graveyard on Route 462 east is not compelling. Isn’t there an ordinance about that?

train art
Train art really does have messages. Wish we knew what was on the artists’ minds.

roofline 4An example of the stunning architecture around town.


demoThis photo was sent to us. At Tuesday night’s council meeting, codes official Jeff Helm offered this narrative of the word “DEMO” on this Zoning Permit: “interior demolition of non-essential, non-structural materials that are in there.” A citizen also asked what the pink dot indicated. See if you can understand the explanation around the 1:15 mark on the videostreaming at the Borough’s facebook page.


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