Sunday’s news items [food inspections; “75% excellent or good” streets; good news only, please & more] – 7/28/2019

2020 cannot come fast enough. That’s when Jeff Helm gets out of the food serving establishments inspection business. It the interim, Columbia will be posting each month’s inspections at its Website. Thank you, councillor John Novak, for making a motion to have this accomplished; the motion was approved by the council a recent council meeting.


Lancaster County’s (except Columbia’s) inspections for July 26 at Lancaster Online. OMG – there are several long list of violations (It’s maddening, and not acceptable, that some are repetitive violations or “the person in charge does not have “adequate knowledge of food safety”) for these places:

  • Bainbridge Inn
  • Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar
  • Helen’s Corner Bar and Restaurant
  • Eat
  • Javi Restaurant II
  • HISSHO Sushi at Giant 6004, 1008 Lititz Pike, Lititz
  • Miller’s Ale House
  • Giant No. 6501, 850 E. Main St., Ephrata

York County’s Inspections

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.

Posting the monthly inspections will be a display of a purposeful act of transparency.

Yep., there’s | a SEC – 3 Ethics Complaint Form (PDF) that anyone can file with the State Ethics Commission whenever there’s proof that an elected public servant is in violation of the state’s ethics laws.

curb 2Improved curbing with Americans with a Disability Act (ADA) compliance on Central Avenue. “The minimum width for an ADA-compliant sidewalk is 36 inches (3 feet), though sidewalks can be constructed wider than this. If sidewalks are less than 60 inches (5 feet) across, passing spaces must be constructed at set intervals. These passing spaces must measure at least 60 inches on all sides, and must be located at least every 200 feet.”

The claim | “The Borough is happy to report that 75% of Borough streets are currently rated in Excellent or Good categories.Borough Website

peace symbol

“From Columbia to Christiana, from Lititz to Leola to Lancaster City, housing costs are rising.” | “Manheim Township: Community Meeting on Housing, Wednesday, July 31, 2019 6:30 PM –  8:00 PM ET

“federal funding is lopsided”Lancaster Peace Fest, today 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Binn’s Park

“Savvy Senior | How Medicare covers ambulance services”The Morning Call

good news onlygood news only | The “You know you’re from Columbia PA if…” facebook group notes that “Just a reminder:this page is for posting the good things about Columbia, fond memories, and to reconnect with those who moved away. We kindly ask that you do NOT post about break-ins, vandalism or other crimes. There are other pages for that. Thank you.”

cbpd humorAll’s well that ends well with humor | Lots of “likes” for the humor-infused post at the Columbia Borough Police Department’s facebook post about “a foot pursuit” before bring this guy into custody. Nice going.

Been said before | We’re certain that lots of good German citizens resigned to this in the 1930s: “________ is our president. Accept it, or pack up your bags and leave the country.” This line is from a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. There’s a narrative of his rise why good German citizens accepted, even embraced it at this German publication.

“the lowest common denominator which unites the largest number of people.” | That and more explain “Why the Worst Humans Are Able to Rise to Power.”– The Foundation for Economic Education

“Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito.” | “Do not give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it.”

Viral crap | “Made-Up AOC ‘Quote’ on Soldiers pay” |

Down | Donations to some Catholic charities |- WITF

“punishment for the poor” | “Wolf admin says SNAP restriction could impact 200,000 Pennsylvanians” WITF

bigeyesThe fantasy of social media | Seems the rage is to alter their faces with big eyes, cat noses, puppy dog ears and stars for facebook pages. Others just love to stick out their tongues and show bizarre kissing lips. Why? We made the above from


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