Today’s news | the evening edition [Would you take the Alzheimer’s test?; actions in a “civil society”; school board vacancies & more] – 8/2/2019


Would you take the test? | “Blood test spots Alzheimer’s early with 94% accuracy” – Futurity

With more than 1 in 10 businesses owned by naturalized citizens | “Reading, PA is the fastest growing metro area in America for naturalized citizen entrepreneurs; Reading experienced a 17.7x growth between 2005-2017. Here’s more at

As announced | “School Board announces vacancies”Columbia Borough School District Website 

Before we know it | “The ‘daily’ part of daily newspapers is on the way out — and sooner than you might think”NiemanLab

Unimaginable void | Catastrophic and a politician’s dream – “The crisis in local journalism is catastrophic — and it will get worse. More than 1,300 communities across the United States are without local news coverage, and thousands more have inadequate journalism. At the next recession, the collapse will accelerate. Studies have now validated what we all know intuitively: The disintegration of community journalism leads to greater polarization, lower voter turnout, more pollution, less government accountability and less trust.” – The New York Times

residueCandle residue at the corner of Third & Walnut Streets midday today.

Discussion topic | In discussions with several people today this topic came up. When do personal freedoms and actions interfere or come into conflict with the public interests? While most of the people agreed that public vigils and demonstrations are freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights (people have the right to peaceably assemble), many were troubled about the residue that remains after the assembly. What are your thoughts on this? Do persons exercising this freedom have responsibility to insure that public spaces are not littered, or rendered unsafe, in the name of a cause?

Not acceptable in a civil society | “Woman avoids charges after abandoning 7 kittens outside Pet Pantry of Lancaster County”Lancaster Online

Intimidation wins | In this community in Mexico; the newspaper will not publish any bad news (AKA real news)Associated Press





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  1. People putting memorial items in public spaces absolutely have the responsibility of cleaning up the residue. At the point the candles have melted, flowers have died, and balloons have deflated they move from memorial to litter. But I am willing to bet noone is going to approach a grieving family member and tell them to clean it up.
    On those same lines – the practice of purposely releasing helium balloons in the name of rememberance is just as bad as leaving deflated balloons, dead flowers and melted candle wax in the public right of way.

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