Saturday’s news items [teen angels; painted ladies; are you trauma informed?; events & more] – 8/3/2019

Teen Angels | There’s an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster about Lancaster Catholic High School’s Teen Angels, a 20 plus year old program in which, “teenage volunteers perform work for organizations and homeowners.” Just imagine, a structured for students to coach community service and giving back. There are numerous programs at the school’s website that encourage and provide positive citizenship modeling.

An idea? | “Jersey Shore’s ‘Painted Ladies’: Why Cape May is filled with Victorian architecture.”Penn Live (NOTE: Remember when Columbia was wild-eyed about the “plantings, porches & paints” project of several years ago. So, why not refocus on the concept; Columbia’s housing stock easily could be a wonderful “painted lady” in the model of Cape May or San Francisco or Galena or Mt. Gretna.

weber paint

Trauma informed communities | The Governor’s July 1 Executive Order challenges “all Pennsylvanians (to be) be active partners in advocating for the safety and welfare of our family, friends, neighbors, and community members.” And he wants Pennsylvania to become a “trauma informed state. That has to begin with local communities, though. And that begins with an understanding of “adverse childhood experiences.”

Trauma informed schools |  Pennsylvania’s Department of Education has this information about trauma.

In Lancaster County | … there’s a calendar of FREE training opportunities for Trauma 101: Understanding Trauma, Resilience and Trauma-Informed Care. Click here to register to attend one.

It takes a community | Take a look at a “trauma informed community. Crawford County, (population, 85,000) is headed in that direction: “Peace4Crawford is a trauma informed initiative, based in the PA System of Care (SOC) Partnership, promoting social change in Crawford County, heading toward a trauma informed community.”

Corporate welfare: alive in Easton | “Luxury apartment plan with rooftop restaurant in Easton gets $3 million boost from state”The Morning Call

Another death | This Minnesota newspaper folded its operation with a “Bloody Mary Monday.” Despite its mostly “good news puffery” (not unlike the original Columbia News that folded in 1990), the newspaper will no longer publish. And now another American community is a newspaper desert: “No hometown paper to print the obituaries from the Helgeson Funeral Home. No place to chronicle the exploits of the beloved high school hockey teams. No historical record for the little town museum, which had carefully kept the newspaper in boxes going back to 1897. And what about the next government scandal, the next school funding crisis? Who would be there? Who would tell?” – The New York Times


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