Saturday’s news items [Events in Columbia; another view on the school board turbulence; & more] – 8/17/2019

rtown hops

another view | On the turbulence in Columbia’s school boardLancaster Online

never again | “Senior District Judge Robert A. Herman Jr. should never hear another case!”LIP News

muni briefs 8-17Click on the graphic to enlarge; another view of the recent council meeting.

“No more real newspaper … “ | The wailing after raiders buy newspapers and gut them.MassLive

tide football scheduleScrimmage today | At 11:00

music at the riverMusic at the River | Sunday 3 to 5 pm

Rose's Death Cafe corrected dateJust a few seats remaining | Death Cafe at Rose’s Deli

nissley dc finalAnother Death Cafe | this one at Nissley Vineyards

Way are Death Cafes so popular? | More than 9,000 Death Cafes have been held around the world because according to this NPR article, “Death Cafes Breathe Life Into Conversations About Dying.”

Anonymity | “If someone ‘says’ it, let them own up to it.”NewsLanc OPINION







  1. Why does Columbia even need parking meters Mt Joy does not have meters any more half the time there is not many cars down town are we so money hungry that need the meters do away with them

    • If we don’t have the meters, people living in the apartments will take all the spaces on the street. If that happens, visitors downtown will have no place to park. Since we do not have any signage directing people to the available lots, people will just opt to leave rather than drive around looking for parking.

  2. Perhaps, that has validity: “The people living in apartments will take all the spaces.” Don’t other boroughs have the same circumstances; they have upper level residence along their primary shopping areas.

    But, we wonder about all the exemptions and waviers that have been accorded selectively to persons and organizations renting housing in the Downtown Commercial (DC) district. Isn’t this still the rule in Columbia:

    “2 parking spaces) per dwelling unit [Note: If desired, one space may be in a garage and one space in a driveway.]”

    Isn’t this just one more another example of disparate application of existing codes and ordinances?

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