“A Good Samaritan in Columbia” | letter to the editor

letter to the editor

On August 2, 2019 we took our first bike ride on the Northwest River Trail: Columbia to Marietta. After parking and unloading our bikes we were faced with the stressful crossing of Rt 441. It was a beautiful ride. After lunch, on the way back to our car, anticipating the re-crossing of Rt 441, I looked back. The tip of my left handlebar clipped a sign. The front wheel pivoted to the left. I took a dive over the handlebars executing a three-point smash into the pavement: both wrists and chin. (No damage to the pavement.) The helmet cracked the pavement and pieces flew. The front derailleurs guide was bent. I was stunned and decided to not get up right away. Behind me my wife saw what happened. A driver did a U-turn on 441, rolled the window down to ask if she could help; we had cell phones. Just then a man and his 8 – 10 y/o son walked up and said “we can help.” They helped me up and walked our bikes to their 4-door pickup truck he had parked off the road a few hundred feet away. They loaded both bikes into the truck and us into some very comfortable seats. They drove us and our bikes the 100-200 yds to our car, unloaded the bikes and asked if we were ok. I felt good (adrenaline) and said we were ok. They wouldn’t give us their names. Then they were gone. Angels? We think so.

Leighton Derr – Lancaster


  1. Sorry, missed that. We do not subscribe to that group. We don’t subscribe to any closed group. For us, that smacks of a lack of transparency that is so rife in government.

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