Monday’s news items [Joshua is gold; internet non-dominance; council meeting & more] – 8/26/2019

Meet Joshua | Joshua was at an event we attended in Lebanon on Saturday. He is a truly focused seven year-old lad who has already earned a slew of gold medals in major competition. Here’s an ABC27-TV news report from a about a year ago.

Borough Council meeting | Tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm. This meeting is included in the year-long meeting notice published early in 2019 and posted at the Borough Website.

Posted | Tomorrow night’s agenda is NOW POSTED; CLICK here for the agenda and supporting packet.

Losing dominance | The rest of the world continues to catch on as Internet user growth from 2000 to 2019 for the US is the lowest among all continents. – Internet World Stats

readers choice

Everyone’s a winner. | Well, almost. Did you see the advertising supplement in yesterday’s LNP – Always Lancaster? There were so many categories and the first through third place vote-getters were listed in most cases. All those categories and only one Columbia business finished with a first place finish. Click on the graphic to download the 120 page supplement.

School District job openings | These positions are open; two of them — Custodian-Full Time and Food Service Assistant were advertised in LNP-Always Lancaster too.

bike naked

Whatever | So Penn Live won’t let readers see the posted article at it’s Website unless subscribers; yet it posts pictures from the Philly Naked Bike Ride 2019 at its Youtube channel.

auto breakins

Incredibly | This logical, common sense Columbia Police Department facebook post gets 45 comments.

Informative | West Hempfield’s Website is informative, organized, quick to load, attractive, easy-to-navigate and West Hempfield Township has a spring newsletter. Columbia’s long-time ago promised new website and regular newsletters to inform citizens, business operators, visitors? Oh, well …

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