B-w-a-a-h; it’s not fair! | Here’s a crying jag press release from one of Lancaster County’s “look-alike” political parties.


  1. WGAL Channel 8 is also very Bias against our President. They think we are all stupid. Trump Rules and he will be everyones President until 2024.

  2. Mr. Long,

    A year ago, I moved to Columbia and since that time I’ve been reading your website regularly.

    You seem to be genuinely concerned with our exploitative, manipulative crony-capitalist political state… This wonderful duopoly we all have to endure.

    Now, because this is 2019, and any political argument must be prefaced with our tribal allegiance, I would like to say, I have no political philosophy or ideology. But, let’s just say I would consider myself an “Anarchist” in its true sense: Freedom From Centralized Power. To better our country and communities we must break from these ideologies and self-serving power centers, and to the best of our abilities become small and localized…

    Yes, in our modern, hyper-connected world, how possible is that? I’m sure you’re familiar with the great ostracized journalist Chris Hedges who advocates for “parallel systems” as a away to break this political and crony capitalist tyranny… Also, ridding the world of central banking would be lovely, but that’s an entirely different subject.

    What I find fascinating in this political age, and the articles on this site, is the acceptance of “Grass Roots Political Movements.”

    There is no such thing.

    Any “movement” that represents threats to our political duopoly is either instantly squelched or subverted…

    Once subverted, it is used as a tool to concentrate even more power. The participants in the “movement,” who are often genuine, now become “useful idiots.”

    As a GenX’er, I’ve seen plenty of “Grass Roots Political Movements.” (And, I’m sure you have, as well.) I’ve participated in them. At some point, they all become highly organized with an infrastructure that is well FUNDED.

    We have a well funded, well capitalized “Movement” that has tapped into and is exploiting the anger, emotions and confusion of a populace fed-up with our political duopoly and crony capitalist system.

    When anyone examines these “Grass Roots Political Movements” you find they all share the same infrastructure of mobilization, funding and website hosting.

    Their “Advocates” and “Candidates” all share the same “platforms” and espouse the same talking points and catch phrases…

    This is “grass roots?”

    Sounds like our current political duopoly.

    Now, when it comes to our local “Grass Roots” candidates, advocates and leaders, do I think they’re “Useful Idiots?” I would say I’ve never met them or discussed “the issues of the day.” Like a lot of people I’ve met over the years concerned with social justice, they’re genuine, empathetic humanists.

    But, like any system of power, people are disingenuous or corrupted by the system.

    No matter our political tribe, we should be cautious of those associated with any type of “movement” or “reform.”

    We should be leery of those who appoint themselves as saviors or moral arbiters. Those who speak for “everyone” or a “select few.”

    Again, there is a lot of confusion and anger among all generations, and that breeds all sorts of hucksters and charlatans that will exploit those emotions for their own power and wealth.

  3. Well stated, Observer. Certainly, your sentiments are welcome and refreshing. Thank you.

    Think we agree that so many are “hucksters and charlatans” or they’re duped by the fog of tumbling into change for the sake of change.

    We simply crusade for transparency, honor, integrity, civil discourse and critical thought processes for any movement toward changing or altering a system, any system. Know what we got and assess whether what we’ve got is doing what it’s supposed to doing. If it’s not, work on an improvement plan. But involve the shareholders, or in a democratic republic, the elected public servants.

    If only, those individuals were not corrupted by special interests and money.

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