“Pennsylvania court: Making gun-like hand gesture is a crime” – WITF


Did you see this? | (Manor Township)A Lancaster County man convicted of disorderly conduct for making a shooting gesture with his hand has lost his bid to have it overturned.”WITF

Than’s right, you cannot point your finger (or fingers if you’ve got a Remington 95 Derringer!) mimicking a handgun at someone because it’s against the law. And it’s just not in Lancaster County.

But we wonder, what if the person pointing has a right to carry and thinks that his/her life is in danger? And what if there’s a red tip on the offending finger?

two fingers

But a single digit raised toward the sky is a protected gesture regarded as “freedom of speech.”

Perhaps pointing a single finger in a menacing manner is considered a “true threat.”

point 2

All this is baffling to us; but that’s what courts do. They decide what’s acceptable and not. When it’s acceptable and when it’s not. To be safe, keep your finger(s) holstered, unless you’re flipping the bird.



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