Sunday’s news items [the “ber-r-r” months; old stuff; property sales in columbia; cosmetic changes; butterflies & more] – 9/1/2019

Beginning today | “UGI sets 2% rate cut for residential customers”Lancaster Online


long live the calculator | This one is the same one we’ve used since the 1970s. Been on top of our desks at a variety of jobs and places since we fought it. If only everything would have the durability and dependability this little puppy has. Just 4 1/2 x around 6″ it’s light powered. E-bay values it at $39.97; we cannot recall what we paid, but had it been $39.97, we doubt we’d have bought it then.


It’s September 1 | It’s the beginning month of the “ber-r-r-r” months of September, October, November and December. Temperatures begin to turn colder and everyone begins to focus on the cooler holidays — Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. And there’s Election Day in November.

Harvest Moon |”This month’s full Moon reaches peak fullness at 12:33 a.m. EDT on Saturday, September 14. Look skyward on the night of the 13th for the best view of this Full Harvest Moon!”

attracted by the statice | These early seekers are here collecting from the statice plants that began as a one inch cutting in 2011.


interior cosmetic work | approved by the building inspector who issues permits and permits with pink dots.

landlord handover? | Think the property sale at 339 North Third Street from Summit Street Properties, LLC to Palatucci Properties, LLC is landlord-to-landlord deal? The property sold for $65,000337 North Third Street is already owned by Jill Palatucci. Jill Palatucci is one of the names registered with the Commonwealth: Palatucci Properties, LLC.

Quite a trail | There’s another property sale listed with the county recorder of deeds office. 703 Chestnut Street has been sold to 420 Restorations, LLC for $68,000. On 8/4/2009 the property sold for $110,000. The property was recently listed at the Lancaster County Sheriff Sale announcement. 420 Restorations, LLC lists the same address as Leo J. Smith and Dawn Smith in Columbia.


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