Wednesday’s news items [School District Board of Directors meeting agenda; money in high school sports; police logs; FutureWars & more] – 9/4/2019

Last night’s Council “work session” meeting | Watch it here at the Borough facebook page. Slimmer than normal attendance in person and online viewers. Must be holiday hangover.

It’s expensive | … when municipalities have to pay attorneys to fight messes that should not have to be fought. An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster says that the county has paid $97,000 for the legal struggle with the District Attorney because he doesn’t like to be transparent.

mower pulloverPolice in Wilmington recently pulled over a man who was riding a lawn mower on a main road.” (WILMINGTON POLICE DEPARTMENT)

Interesting Police Logs | “A man on a lawn mower gets pulled over — Every day, police officers respond to reports of all sorts of events and nonevents, most of which never make the news. Here is a sampling of lesser-known — but no less noteworthy — incidents from police log books (a.k.a. blotters) in the Boston suburbs.”

It’s nearing | “Field of Screams cast creates chaos in 69-WFMZ newsroom | Visit part of attraction’s annual publicity tour” 


10K,  in the rain in one hour, six minutes and 42 seconds | while jugglingThe Morning Call

“Hijacked | “Meritocracy (or money hijacking) Is Killing High-School Sports”The Atlantic

Have a disability? | “If you want to be the least spontaneous person in the room, have a disability … “ WITF


Future Wars | Robotic and non-human (except for the casualties) weaponry. Seriously, because we cannot get these old white guys in Wonderland to pick up rucks and weapons, they’re now approving mechanical killing. Probably, too, because we cannot keep attracting enough young men and women to man the mercenary mentality that this nation’s adopted.

School Board Agenda | It’s not easy to find, look for it at the District Website. The Meeting is tomorrow night at 6:00 pm.

1. Welcome and Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call
4. Notice of Executive Session
5. Communications – None
6. Public Comment on Agenda Items Only
7. Agenda Items – Consent to Approve:
a. Personnel Report
b. I.U. #13 Board Member Appointment – Board Action Required
8. Agenda Items – Minutes (Mr. Leader – Board President)
a. Discussion on Minutes
b. Minutes
9. Agenda Items – Curriculum & Instruction (Mrs. Kedney – Chair)
a. Discussion on Curriculum & Instruction Items
10. Agenda Items – Finance and Audit/Property (Miss Hohenadel – Chair)
a. Discussion of Committee Items
b. Action Item: Finance & Audit Items:
c. Action Item: Possible Bond Refunding
d. Action Item: Authorize the Administration to Research the Potential of Leasing the Unused Portions of the DAC Lower Level
e. Information Item: Grant Report
f. Information Item: Property Line Update
11. Agenda Items – Personnel/Extra-Curricular (Mr. Knighton – Chair)
a. Discussion of Committee Items
b.  Approve the following request to Continue a Booster Club
12. Superintendent Updates – Mr. Strickler
13. Public Comment on Agenda and Education Items
14. Adjournment



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