Monday’s news items [Boosting Columbia; seen this before; fairies & more] – 9/9/2019

longs from columbiaFrom right, Diana Harmon, of Shrewsbury, Adria Long, 10, twin sister Kinsey Long, 10, and their mother Beth Long, all of Columbia, board the shuttle as they arrive at the first Enchanted Fairy Festival at Rocky Ridge County Park in Springettsbury Township, Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019. – Dawn J. Sagert photo The York Dispatch

In York | “Rocky Ridge follows in footsteps of Spoutwood’s fairy tradition”The York Dispatch

Lookalike politics | Follow the money, Joe.The Intercept

Lessons never learned | “How White Nationalists Have Been Inspired by the Genocide of Muslims in Bosnia– The Intercept [2005 – Bosnia | We were in Bosnia and Herzegovina.]

editorial boosting columbia

Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster OPINION | Editorial is all about “boosting Columbia.” Click on the above graphic to enlarge. “We hope borough residents make their voices heard about what they like and dislike about these proposals. We hope they add suggestions of their own to the mix, and we hope that the borough council listens to those ideas as it charts a course for Columbia’s next chapter.”

Legal Notice | Lancaster County Office of Aging is looking for volunteers to join its Advisory Council.

“Oldies” fans | If you didn’t grow up in the time of real Rock & Roll, here’s where to get your fix: Sweet 16 WPDC – WPDC is a broadcast radio station in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, United States, providing Classic Rock, Pop and R&B Oldies music to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area.” Sweet 16 WPDC plays the oldies you don’t hear anywhere else.





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  1. Why does the borough keep paying for study after study. There have already been several parking studies done. Is the new study going to show something different. No it is not. Get out the old studies and study them and save money. The study that the article is talking about was another waste of money. There was a study telling everyone the same thing done only a couple of years ago. Obviously no one is using any of the information from the previous studies because everything is still the same or worse.
    About the grant for the market house, citizens don’t forget this is a matching grant with taxpayers money.

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