Monday’s news items [negative interest rates; nicotine addiction; Country Music; library events & more] – 9/16/2019

At the recent school board meeting, we wondered | about what happens when “negative interest rates” occur. Keith Ramsey’s presentation showed the benefits of a refinancing effort showing declining interest rates as driving benefit. With no training in economics or finance, this column (“Should we love or hate ‘negative’ interest rates?”) provided some of the answers.

“Juul made my nicotine addiction a lot worse.” | From vaping back to cigarettesPenn Live

h williamsCreditLes Leverett Collections

Ken Burns’s ‘Country Music’  | Traces the Genre’s Victories, and Reveals Its Blind Spots.” – The New York Times [The series began last night on WITF and continues through Wednesday, September 18, and Sunday, September 22 through Wednesday, September 25 at 8:00-10:00 pm on WITF-TV.]


adding solar panels | will make Toyota’s cars “run forever”The Morning Call

The Best Obituary Ever | and the Wacky Funeral That Followed”The New York Times

PreSchool Pals September 2019

Adult Book Club

runs in the family | Eric’s turn in the lying boxThe Washington Post


One comment

  1. On “Negative Interest Rates.”

    Looking at the subject from a Austrian Economist perspective:
    Negative Interest rates damages “Savers.” ie Those that keep money in the bank.
    Impose negative interest rates, Savers will then pull their money and shop til they drop, reigniting our consumer economy.
    Also, they will invest, so the banks get to LoanLoanLoanLoan. Which, of course, makes money for them.
    Ain’t Fractional Reserve Banking great?
    Now, if we could only get our Millennials and GenZ’ers (and many older “activists”) to understand how “The Banking System” works they would understand Income Inequality…
    But, hey… Trump & Stuff.

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