More Tuesday news items [higher view stuff: without newspapers; no couth, veep; are you a cat mom? & more] – 9/24/2019

The UK controls their mistake | “U.K. Supreme Court Rules Johnson’s Suspension Of Parliament Was ‘Unlawful’”NPR

“DETAINED | How the US built the world’s largest immigrant detention system”The Guardian

Think you can count on those in government to be transparent? Think again! 

without newspapers

“Less local news means less democracyWhen local journalism declines, so does government transparency and civic engagement”Nieman Reports

When weekly newspapers die | “No one at city council and school board meetings, politicians rarely held accountable — and fewer stories for farmers to read and decide whether they need to get mad.” – Nieman Reports

$50,000 a month is not chump change | “What Were The Bidens Doing In Ukraine? 5 Questions Answered”NPR

Seeking | “Nominations Sought for Damage Prevention Committee; PUC Reminds Stakeholders about October 25 Deadline” news release

Humble Hoosier? | It’s what happens when your evangelical morals get bent: “VP Pence’s Motorcade on Mackinac Island Causes Controversy” 9and10news


new studyYour cat thinks of you like a parentvice

bassackward | “The Christian Right Is Helping Drive Liberals Away From ReligionFiveThirty Eight

Unmarried partners more diverse than 20 years ago“Cohabiting Partners Older, More Racially Diverse, More Educated, Higher Earners”US Census Bureau

Glut of grocery stores | “Central Pa. grocery scene ‘major battleground’ as Giant buys family-owned chains” Penn Live


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